Monday, 22 September 2014

Vector Graphics

Vector Graphics

Vector graphics are made up of line equations and calculations to create a graphic. They are different from bitmaps as they are more precise and take up less storage space. They are used because objects can be edited, for example change the size, shape or colour, so  many graphics can be created. Also, the quality doesn't change when the images is resized. 

Some examples of vector graphics:


Useful tools
Select tool- used to select the whole graphic
Direct select tool- used to select points on the 

Pen tool - used to add points that join up to create a line or a shape

Shape tool- can create shapes such as circles and rectangles
Paint brush - used to draw free lines

Zoom- used to zoom in or out of your graphic

Fill Colour/Line Colour- used to change the colour of the shape or line

Vector Graphic Tutorials

My Final Minion made using Illustrator

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