Monday, 11 May 2015


My CV meets the purpose of the brief as it is a interactive, animated CV. It is suitable for an employer to be able to read as it is a very simple but smart design that give a professional look to my CV. It has been written in HTML5, CSS and Javascript and I made it using Adobe Edge Animate. It was designed to fit a conventional web page size, 1280 x 800. I have included interactive elements, buttons so that you can navigate around my CV and a link to a website where you can find out more information. I have used vector animation when I made the phone and email icons. Finally, it was my own, original design throughout that I had planned.

My final CV is different to my planning. The main change I made was the home page design. Originally I wanted to have one, large picture with my name on top however I tried this design and I decided that I didn't like it so I went with a simpler design with just my name, although the typeface and colour scheme did not change. Also, I changed my vector animation from planning to have a home button I decided that I didn't fit in with the CV so I used my name as the home button. I made a phone and email icon with vector animation. I made it as a vector animation in Illustrator because it was the easiest way of making an icon.
First page

My CV has good navigation and interactivity. All of the buttons work and go to the correct place and it is easy to get around my CV. When a button is click the transitions are smooth and look really good. The sound at the beginning works well and fades slowly. The other interactive button that link to a website worked and was relevant to the page as it was the website of the theatre that I work in.

I think that the visual style of my CV is very smart and professional, I used three colours, red, white and blue, and a simple layout which, in some places, it look minimal but it worked. I didn't want to have too many objects and too much text in a small space because I think it would have looked messy and cramped. The typography was good as I the text was easy to read and my vector animation looked good.

My production skill were good, I did all the necessary planning before starting my CV which is important as if I didn't follow my planning, my work could have look bad. I probably spent too much time on planning as I found that, towards the end, I was rushing to finish my CV. I have learnt a lot about how to use Edge Animate during the process and whilst creating my CV problems came up that I had to overcome.

If I was to make my CV again I would have added more interactive element into it, for example a video. Also, I would have added some image because sometimes my CV can look a bit plain because of the limited colours and white background.

Production Log

Firstly, I started by making a front page, I had a simple design that consisted of my name with an arrow at the bottom that would link to the next page. To make my name I used the text tool and for the arrow I used the rectangle tool, I also used colours tools to decide on what colours I wanted.

After, I had made my front page I made the transition into the second page which would be the menu page where you can navigate around my CV.

To do this I used the timeline to change position and opacity. Once I had done the transition I made the menu page which were linked together so that they run smoothly.

Menu page
After I had made the menu page I made all the other pages. From the menu I wanted to be able to click on each heading that would link to another page with more information on. 
Page Three

Page Four
Page Five
After making transitions for all the pages, I made all the coding for it so that they link together when you click on a word. For example when you click on the 'About' heading it starts the transition from the menu page to the 'About' page. I had to add labels to the timeline at the start of every page so that buttons knew where they were meant to link to. Also, I made my name into a home button so that you could get back to the menu from page three, four and five
Example of a label
At the end of each transition into another page I had to add a trigger that would stop the timeline so that the reader would have time to read it and so that my CV doesn't just jump through all the pages really quickly.

Whilst building my CV I could preview it in a browser which helped me test that all of the code was correct and that the buttons worked correctly.

Testing my CV
For the fifth page I used some of my own vector graphics that I had made in Adobe Illustrator. I made two symbols, a phone and a email logo which I planned to use to instead of writing 'phone number' or 'email'. After I made it I saved it so that I could import it into my CV.

Also, I imported an audio track that played on the first page. I made it fade out when you went to the second page as I thought that it may become annoying to the reader.

Finally, once I had finished the CV I saved it into a folder so that all the files were kept together.

Persuasive Methods

What persuasive methods (language/visuals) are you going to use to entice the user to interact with your CV?

I am going to use an arrow to show that you need to click on it to get to the next page. This will encourage the reader to go to the next page.

Also, i am going to make the mouse change to the click icon when the user hovers over a button. This will show that you are supposed to click.

I am going to have a link to a website and the button will say 'click here for more information'

Monday, 30 March 2015

Vector animation

 For my vector animation I will make a button that will link to the homepage. This will be on every page so that the viewer can navigate around my CV. I wanted to keep it simple so that it would match the style of my CV.


In my interactive CV I plan on using several interactive elements. On the home page you will be able to swipe or scroll down to get to the menu where there will be headings that you can click on to get to that page. There will also be 'home' buttons on each page so that the viewer can return to the home page.

Sound Research

In my interactive CV I will use music on the homepage that will fade out when the viewer goes to the next page. I will add a button to mute the music so that the viewer has a choice. For the rest of the CV it will be silent so there will be no transition sounds or sound effects.


I like this font because I think it looks smart and professional, which is what I want my interactive CV to look like.

I like this font as it also looks smart and professional however it is a serif font which makes it look older whereas a sans serif font can look more modern.

This font is a plain font and although it looks smart I think that it is too boring for my CV.

I like this font as it looks futuristic however it would not look good in my CV as it doesn't fit with the style. 


On the home page you will be able to scroll down to the menu. From the menu you can click on a heading that will take to another page with more information. On each page there will also be a button to return to the home page.

Home page sketches

Monday, 16 March 2015

Visual Style

what do you like/dislike about them? Do these styles represent you? How/why do they represent you? Are you going to create your own visual style?

Semi Flat Design

Flat design is a minimalistic design approach that emphasises usability. It features clean, open space, crisp edges, bright colours and two-dimensional/flat illustrations. It is used on a lot of mobile phones with the most distinctive being the Apple iPhone. Semi flat design combines flat design with real world enhancements, this makes objects stand out.
Example of semi flat design
I like the simplicity of this style and the bold colours. It makes the design smart and looks professional which is how I want my CV to represent me. I don't like the bright colours so in my design I would use a simpler colour scheme. 

Huge Background Image
This is a huge, high quality image as a background with text on top. A lot of websites use this style one of the main ones being Apple. 

Example of a huge background 
I like this style for the same reason because of its simplicity. Also, if I use a high quality image it makes it look really good. The bad part to using a large image is that you can't add much colour and the colour of the text has to make the text clear to read. I want this style to represent me because it also looks smart and professional. 




Monday, 16 February 2015

Legal and Ethical Issues

In what ways can the media influence society?

They can expose things so that the public knows about it, it can have a positive or negative effect.
Can spread influential peoples opinions.
Portray certain groups positively or negatively.
Effect peoples opinions on productions.

Does society drive the media or does the media drive society?

I think that the media is so powerful in peoples lives that it drives society. If media were to disappear it would be hard to control the world because of the amount of information we rely on that is provided by the media.

Beheading Videos on Facebook
I think that videos of the real beheading on Facebook are not right however it is people who are sharing the videos, not the media. People use the media to share videos like this however if you don't want to see them you should ignore them and if it is one of your friends is sharing the videos, delete them so that you shouldn't see more. Also, think that Facebook are doing the right thing by trying to block these videos however I do think that it is a hard thing to control when Facebook have millions of users.

"While this video is shocking, our approach is designed to preserve people's rights to describe, depict and comment on the world in which we live."  Facebook.
Do you agree?

  In some ways I do agree because people have the right to freedom of speech and we do have a choice in what videos we watch on social media. However, I think that for graphical content such as the beheading video Facebook could have provide warnings of graphic content before viewers watched it.

"We know from evidence that [watching] such material can influence self-esteem in a very negative way. It can also cause flashbacks, nightmares and sleep disturbance. If that is prolonged it can transfer into many other negative effects in a child and adults as well such as anxiety-related disorders and panic attacks."
Has this changed or supported your argument?
I think that it is wrong that by watching a video such as the beheading video it can cause mental problems. However, I still agree with the first statement because to join Facebook you have to be 13 so if younger children are seeing it then it then they are too young for Facebook and shouldn't have access to social networking sites.

Monday, 2 February 2015