Monday, 16 February 2015

Legal and Ethical Issues

In what ways can the media influence society?

They can expose things so that the public knows about it, it can have a positive or negative effect.
Can spread influential peoples opinions.
Portray certain groups positively or negatively.
Effect peoples opinions on productions.

Does society drive the media or does the media drive society?

I think that the media is so powerful in peoples lives that it drives society. If media were to disappear it would be hard to control the world because of the amount of information we rely on that is provided by the media.

Beheading Videos on Facebook
I think that videos of the real beheading on Facebook are not right however it is people who are sharing the videos, not the media. People use the media to share videos like this however if you don't want to see them you should ignore them and if it is one of your friends is sharing the videos, delete them so that you shouldn't see more. Also, think that Facebook are doing the right thing by trying to block these videos however I do think that it is a hard thing to control when Facebook have millions of users.

"While this video is shocking, our approach is designed to preserve people's rights to describe, depict and comment on the world in which we live."  Facebook.
Do you agree?

  In some ways I do agree because people have the right to freedom of speech and we do have a choice in what videos we watch on social media. However, I think that for graphical content such as the beheading video Facebook could have provide warnings of graphic content before viewers watched it.

"We know from evidence that [watching] such material can influence self-esteem in a very negative way. It can also cause flashbacks, nightmares and sleep disturbance. If that is prolonged it can transfer into many other negative effects in a child and adults as well such as anxiety-related disorders and panic attacks."
Has this changed or supported your argument?
I think that it is wrong that by watching a video such as the beheading video it can cause mental problems. However, I still agree with the first statement because to join Facebook you have to be 13 so if younger children are seeing it then it then they are too young for Facebook and shouldn't have access to social networking sites.

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