Monday, 11 May 2015


My CV meets the purpose of the brief as it is a interactive, animated CV. It is suitable for an employer to be able to read as it is a very simple but smart design that give a professional look to my CV. It has been written in HTML5, CSS and Javascript and I made it using Adobe Edge Animate. It was designed to fit a conventional web page size, 1280 x 800. I have included interactive elements, buttons so that you can navigate around my CV and a link to a website where you can find out more information. I have used vector animation when I made the phone and email icons. Finally, it was my own, original design throughout that I had planned.

My final CV is different to my planning. The main change I made was the home page design. Originally I wanted to have one, large picture with my name on top however I tried this design and I decided that I didn't like it so I went with a simpler design with just my name, although the typeface and colour scheme did not change. Also, I changed my vector animation from planning to have a home button I decided that I didn't fit in with the CV so I used my name as the home button. I made a phone and email icon with vector animation. I made it as a vector animation in Illustrator because it was the easiest way of making an icon.
First page

My CV has good navigation and interactivity. All of the buttons work and go to the correct place and it is easy to get around my CV. When a button is click the transitions are smooth and look really good. The sound at the beginning works well and fades slowly. The other interactive button that link to a website worked and was relevant to the page as it was the website of the theatre that I work in.

I think that the visual style of my CV is very smart and professional, I used three colours, red, white and blue, and a simple layout which, in some places, it look minimal but it worked. I didn't want to have too many objects and too much text in a small space because I think it would have looked messy and cramped. The typography was good as I the text was easy to read and my vector animation looked good.

My production skill were good, I did all the necessary planning before starting my CV which is important as if I didn't follow my planning, my work could have look bad. I probably spent too much time on planning as I found that, towards the end, I was rushing to finish my CV. I have learnt a lot about how to use Edge Animate during the process and whilst creating my CV problems came up that I had to overcome.

If I was to make my CV again I would have added more interactive element into it, for example a video. Also, I would have added some image because sometimes my CV can look a bit plain because of the limited colours and white background.

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