Monday, 11 May 2015

Production Log

Firstly, I started by making a front page, I had a simple design that consisted of my name with an arrow at the bottom that would link to the next page. To make my name I used the text tool and for the arrow I used the rectangle tool, I also used colours tools to decide on what colours I wanted.

After, I had made my front page I made the transition into the second page which would be the menu page where you can navigate around my CV.

To do this I used the timeline to change position and opacity. Once I had done the transition I made the menu page which were linked together so that they run smoothly.

Menu page
After I had made the menu page I made all the other pages. From the menu I wanted to be able to click on each heading that would link to another page with more information on. 
Page Three

Page Four
Page Five
After making transitions for all the pages, I made all the coding for it so that they link together when you click on a word. For example when you click on the 'About' heading it starts the transition from the menu page to the 'About' page. I had to add labels to the timeline at the start of every page so that buttons knew where they were meant to link to. Also, I made my name into a home button so that you could get back to the menu from page three, four and five
Example of a label
At the end of each transition into another page I had to add a trigger that would stop the timeline so that the reader would have time to read it and so that my CV doesn't just jump through all the pages really quickly.

Whilst building my CV I could preview it in a browser which helped me test that all of the code was correct and that the buttons worked correctly.

Testing my CV
For the fifth page I used some of my own vector graphics that I had made in Adobe Illustrator. I made two symbols, a phone and a email logo which I planned to use to instead of writing 'phone number' or 'email'. After I made it I saved it so that I could import it into my CV.

Also, I imported an audio track that played on the first page. I made it fade out when you went to the second page as I thought that it may become annoying to the reader.

Finally, once I had finished the CV I saved it into a folder so that all the files were kept together.

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